My Story

My name is Andrii Yefymov, also known as BaltaZzar. I am music composer and sound producer. Welcome to my website. Hope you enjoy music that I create. Here is a little story about how I became the one I am.

It all starts when I was 12 years old. One day I was walking around city and get into beautiful park. It was a big park in the city centre, so usually there were many people hanging around. But that day it was empty. Perhaps, it’s because of weather. It was quite windy and the rain was threatening to spill out of dark heavy clouds. That was the weather I liked. So, I found myself in empty green park with big trees and cozy benches. But I was not alone. My ears caught a sound. A sweet kind of sound, that I still remember. It was guitar strumming. I moved towards the sound and saw a guy. Lonely man was standing on a little square holding acoustic guitar. He was playing and singing “Going to the Run” by Golden Earring. That moment something happened to me. That day I’ve become somebody new.

Since that day I’ve dedicated myself to music. I learned guitar playing, music theory and started composing music. I’ve finished music school and went to university of art for studying sound production. After graduation I’ve worked for some local recording studios and finally founded my own production studio. But my internal creator craved writing epic music. So, here I am, working with top music publishers and production music catalogs, sometimes creating custom cues for games and media.

It was a short story of my life. Hope you didn’t fall asleep while reading… Now it’s time to listen to one of my tracks 🙂


I am open to all kind of cooperation. If you are film director, video creator, producer or just interested in work with me – great! Message me through contact form or on social media. I am always interested to work on creative project.

If want any of my tracks in your project and you need a license, simply contact me.

If you’d like to license my music, please message me via contact form or any other way.

Bespoke Music

If you are looking for bespoke music for your project, please feel free to contact. Whether its a small podcast intro, tv-promo video or full movie score, I am here to help you.